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Once the printed information is digitized it can be e-mailed, burnt to a DVD or posted on a web-hosted site, making it available anywhere.

Nothing is more important to us than the safeguard of proprietary information and intellectual property of business, industry and government clients. We apply our expertise for them to address and comply with all the existing regulations.




    Having information available at any time is an important advantage for any company nowadays. That's why you can place your order by phone, fax or using our online service.

    E-Shield's professional technicians retrieve the stored information and scan it. Images can be emailed in one of many formats, burnt to a CD or DVD or posted on a secure, web-hosted site. Thanks to this service, you will have access to your documents whenever you are.

    Outgoing documents are archived immediately upon creation and in parallel with the printing of the original. They are activated and controlled by template layouts provided by the system's print engine, allowing you determining a specific print layout for each individual program. The user profits from increased ease-of-use, as the system already packs many template layouts.

    Incoming documents can be archived two different ways. Either documents are scanned immediately in the entry program, or an adhesive barcode label is created. In the latter case, the documents are scanned centrally and indexed accordingly. The keywording of the documents takes place automatically.

    Scanned documents are saved in dedicated directories and captured by the external archiving solution via the COLD procedure. Barcoded documents only need additional indexing. The keywords are determined and - via the COLD procedure - allocated to the centrally scanned documents.



    Indexing is fundamental, because it creates paths to the contents. Being aware of this situation, the team of E-Shield’s experts has developed a series of indexing tools including text file index, website metatags, controlled vocabulary development, taxonomy or thesaurus construction and index-entry embedding within your files.

    E-Shield can provide you an index reflecting subject and terminology expertise in areas such as hardware or software, both on Windows and Macintosh platforms, typography, desktop publishing, archaeology, horticulture, geology and natural history.

    But that it’s not it; we wanted to give you a little more. We also put all our effort in embedded indexing processes, online help systems, HTML projects, controlled languages, taxonomies, customized user interfaces and CD-ROM projects.



    Protecting information help companies large and small save time and money. The E-Shield’s Secure v1.0 document storage tool can make your records and document management programs more efficient.

    E-Shield can create and/or run your records management and storage program, using your own space or our specialized facilities. We can handle filing and retrievals; help develop information destruction policies and provide secure shredding services.

    Our media product orders can be directly applied to your monthly E-Shield services invoice. We support labeled media orders, expedited delivery, and offers free shipping for qualified orders.

    Your backup data is only as safe and reliable as the media it is stored on. That is why, in order to deliver a high quality service, we work only with the leading brands on the market.



    Holding information unnecessarily incurs storage costs and leaves the door open to risks of theft, misuse, disclosure, legal discovery, and non-compliance fines. That’s why E-Shield’s secure shredding services can help you establish a compliant, comprehensive, and cost-effective information disposal solution, both off-site and on-site.

    Our trained specialists remove sensitive materials and shred them beyond practicable reconstruction at E-Shield’s secure facilities.

    E-Shield can destroy paper, plastics and most other media, including, x-rays, microfiche/film, binders, computer disks, cartridges, videotapes, CDs and DVDs. Protection of sensitive materials is ensured through strict security practices and an unbroken chain of custody. A certificate of destruction verifies that materials have been destroyed.

    You have the flexibility of shredding documents housed in your office or at an off-site storage facility. Document shredding will be performed within 24-48 hours of retrieval and upon completion.

    E-Shield offers to styles of repositories for the safeguarding of critical information:

    • 200-pound capacity, heavy gauge plastic mobile totter
    • 100-pound capacity, stationary executive cabinet

    Both are locked and tracked using barcode technology. Customized rotation schedules are available and all rotations are performed by E-Shield. Document shredding or destruction is performed within 24-48 hours of retrieval and, once the process is finished, a Certificate of Destruction is issued.



    Thanks to E-Shield, now you are able to recover lost data anywhere, at any time. Complete backups ensure that system and data files are compiled on a timely basis and provide recovery in case of computer failure, theft or disaster.

    A backup can be performed automatically on a schedule, initiated by users, or configured to occur in the background whenever a traveling computer is connected to the Internet (Hands-Free-Backup TM).

    To ensure the security of the data, all files are encrypted by your computer before sent and stored at the data center using 128 bit AES technology. Backups are quick and efficient, even over dial-up connections.

    The data only service selects automatically all the important data files for you, but doesn’t backup your program files. The data only service can be easily customized by the user to include additional files, file types or directories.

    E-Shield also gives you the opportunity to roll back an entire PC configuration to a selected date in the past, to restore operation in case of software configuration errors, viruses, or other problems that can't be easily repaired.